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L1 DeAI Infrastructure

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Build the future of AI on NeurochainAI

Build AI dApps on Neuro GPU network

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With 10k FREE AI interactions use any AI model available on the network OR use shared GPU inference network at a fraction of a cost vs centralized solutions.
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Custom AI Models

Choose from available LLMs, TTSs, Speech-To-Text, Text-To-Speech, train them on your own data or deploy your models to the network for royalties.
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Use AI models on the network and tune them to your needs. Add custom context, temperature, and other parameters all in one request.
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With readily available AI models, robust AI infrastructure, comprehensive SDKs, and community-powered GPU network, infrastructure is streamlined for easy development.
Closed Alpha in Q1’24

More Privacy

Do not want your AI model data to be computed on public network? We have you covered - contact us for private cloud set up
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Grant program

Finance or lack of knowledge and resources should not prevent you from participating in the future of AI if you have a great idea that can contribute to the world.
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