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L1 DeAI Compute Network




Power the shared AI compute with your GPUs and earn up to *$1072/month

Share GPUs and get rewards from the network for computing AI

x2 rewards for the first 128 GPUs that process 200 AI messages

Decentralized AI Compute

First ever decentralized consumer-grade hardware DePIN for AI compute powered by community utilized by developers, businesses, and community.
BETA Sandbox

Tech Requirements

Windows or Linux operating system with min 8GB GPU, 4GB RAM, and 100GB storage. Or in non-tech terms - a simple computer with NVIDIA support.

More Rewards

Until TGE GPUs get 2 types of rewards plus special multipliers:
- AI compute: 0.15 NCN
- Idle time: 1 NCN per 80GB shared per hour, that’s 216 NCN per month for a 24 GB GPU
NCNs 1:1 $NCN

Who Can Join

Anyone with a computer, Raspberry Pi, or an old Ethereum miner and basic knowledge of Copy/Paste function can join.
Super Easy Instructions in Blog

Mining With Purpose

GPU compute is the most sought after resource in the age of AI. Our innovation in AI model quantization enables you to join the revolution with consumer-grade hardware.
Power-Up The Future

Double-Sided Marketplace

We’re on a mission to empower developers with AI inference so your GPUs are buzzing with AI compute from day one.
More Rewards

First Ever Consumer-Grade Hardware DePIN for Computing AI

The first 128 to connect their GPUs and process 200 AI messages will receive double rewards in $NCN!