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L1 DeAI Compute Network




Join decentralized AI compute network with your GPUs or NPUs and earn an average of *$657/month

Decentralized AI Compute

First ever decentralized consumer-grade hardware DePIN for AI compute powered by community utilized by developers, businesses, and community.
BETA Sandbox

Tech Requirements

For GPUs: Windows or Linux operating system with min 8GB GPU, 4GB RAM, and 100GB storage. In non-tech terms - a simple computer with NVIDIA.
For smartphones: Android phone with 4GB of RAM and an ARM processor

More Rewards

Until TGE GPUs get 2 types of rewards plus special multipliers:
- AI compute: 0.15 NCN
- Idle time: 1 NCN per 80GB shared per hour, that’s 216 NCN per month for a 24 GB GPU
NCNs 1:1 $NCN

Who Can Join

Anyone with an Android smartphone, computer, Raspberry Pi, or an old Ethereum miner and basic knowledge of Copy/Paste function can join.
Super Easy to Set up

Mining With Purpose

GPU compute is the most sought after resource in the age of AI. Our innovation in AI model quantization enables you to join the revolution with consumer-grade hardware.
Power-Up The Future

Double-Sided Marketplace

We’re on a mission to empower developers with AI inference so your GPUs are buzzing with AI compute from day one.
More Rewards


How to connect my GPUs?

Here you can see comprehensive instruction how to connect GPUs:

Linux:Watch Demo

Windows Watch Demo

Won’t it cause any damage to my laptop or GPU?

Running a node on hardware only uses GPU resources when there are AI computations that need to be performed by the network. It is lightweight and completely secure as it only taps into the hardware’s GPUs that don’t store any information so it can be run on a personal device too.

Why should I mine on NeurochainAI now?

It's an excellent time to jump on a train for early adopters to earn profits, thanks to various rewards and multipliers while also capitalizing on the collected NCNs during TGE.

What’s the biggest value I can receive when connecting GPUs?

It depends on your GPUs. With a 24GB GPU, you can easily be making a minimum of $300/ month if you leave your GPU collecting idle time rewards + processing AI messages full time.

For 80 GB GPU it starts with roughly $1000/month.

You get idle time and processing rewards in NCN credits that convert 1:1 to $NCN at the base cost upon the token generation event.

This only goes up with more GPUs.

What are the technical requirements for ‘‘mining’’ AI on NeurochainAI?
  • A simple computer with NVIDIA GPU’s on Linux or Windows systems.
  • Minimum requirements 8GB GPU, 50GB storage, 4 GB RAM
  • Recommended requirements 12GB GPU, 100GB Storage, 8 GB RAM
  • Old Ethereum miners compatible with Linux systems (Debian, Ubuntu) are compatible in most cases.
  • Also any gaming consoles, Raspberry Pies, and similar devices.
  • Stable internet connection.

You can find a step-by-step guide here:

Does NeurochainAI support Ubuntu?

Yes, we do support Ubuntu.

Is T0 NFT obligatory for contributing GPUs to the network?

No, it’s not. However, we recommend doing so, as Tier 0 NFT is FREE to mint and is your ticket to NeurochainAI's loyalty program that comes backed with airdrops, retro-drops, partner perks, early news, and much more.

What is an average earning of *$657/month based on?

$657/ month is based on a 48GB GPU connected for a month and minimum 1 500 AI messages processed.