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L1 DeAI Solution


DeAl Infrastructure for seamless building, deploying, and hosting of Al dApps powered by community, designed for everyone

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What is NeurochainAI?

Neurochain AI is a decentralized AI-as-a-Service (DeAIAS) network that radically streamlines the process of building, launching, and using of AI-powered decentralized applications (dApps). It provides a ready-to-use AI infrastructure that enables developers to create AI dApps up to 24 times faster and up to 5 times more cost-effectively compared to traditional methods. This platform represents a significant advancement in the field of AI application development, offering unparalleled ease of use and affordability.

More importantly, Neurochain AI's core innovation is encapsulated in its community-driven approach towards decentralized AI development. It actively involves community members in crucial AI training processes such as data curation and validation, algorithm processing, and model validation. This participatory model not only democratizes AI development but also enriches the AI models with diverse, real-world data inputs. Contributors are incentivized with $NCN rewards, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where each participant plays a role in shaping the future of AI technology.

What challenges is NeurochainAI solving?

The current AI landscape, is dominated by centralized platforms like OpenAI, IBM Watson, Google AI, and Amazon Machine Learning. These platforms provide essential tools for AI application development but also encapsulate challenges in terms of data control, innovation bottlenecks, and access limitations. This centralization leads to a monopolization of AI, where a few large corporations and well-funded entities dictate the AI trajectory, thereby stifling broader innovation and community involvement.

Another critical challenge in the AI domain is the escalating computational complexity, outpacing the available compute supply. For instance, training models like GPT-3 and DALL-E require immense resources, creating significant barriers to broader AI development and innovation. This computational bottleneck underscores the need for a new paradigm that efficiently leverages global computing resources.

How is NeurochainAI solving these challenges?

Neurochain AI proposes an innovative solution: the Decentralized AI Infrastructure As a Service. This ecosystem aims to break down the barriers of centralization and monopolization by encouraging cooperation and coordination among various AI stakeholders, including the general public and the developer community. By fostering an environment that rewards community, motivates contribution, and enables seamless integration with businesses, Neurochain AI sets the stage for a community-driven, decentralized AI revolution.

What is the tech behind NeurochainAI?

The platform also includes a community-powered content generation engine, which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and generate targeted content based on their preferences and interests. This means that users can get personalized content delivered directly to them, without having to spend time searching for it themselves. Moreover, Neurochain AI is developing its own independent blockchain, therefore our infrastructure is a novelty that’ll continue pushing industry boundaries.

Building an AI network for the crypto community presents multifaceted challenges. It's critical to design an accurate, user-friendly network that resonates with community interests. Providing quality on-demand data, rewarding community members for data validation, and powering the network through community engagement are vital. On the technical side, creating a robust AI network requires careful architectural planning, extensive testing, and consistent performance monitoring. It needs to be scalable to manage increasing traffic and usage. Strong security measures are a must to protect the network and its users. Addressing these challenges is key to delivering a reliable and robust AI network.

The robust AI infrastructure, is complete with a comprehensive SDK, ready-to-use AI models, and high-quality data to streamline the development of AI dApps.

Who is the team behind NeurochainAI?

Julius Serenas, Neurochain AI founder and CEO, is an infrastructure and cryptography specialist with almost 20 years of experience in large scale infrastructure building and Web3. Prior to starting Neurochain AI, he was a CTO at Gamestarter - a successful Web3 launchpad.

Dr. Paulius Tumas is Neurochain AI’s CTO who is an experienced computer scientist and AI researcher. His work has been pivotal in shaping Neurochain AI's unique infrastructure and problem-solving tools.

The CEO and CTO are accompanied by a diverse team of +20 computer scientists, data analysts, and business and marketing experts who are making sure that both the technology and the business aspect of Neurochain AI are on-par with market trends and needs.

What are the benefits to the community?

From contributing GPUs & CPUs to the decentralized inference and AI training network, to data validation, and AI model hosting and/or testing, all the way to building innovative dApps on the infrastructure, community is at the core of Neurochain AI. Community participation is incentivized and rewarded by the single currency of the ecosystem - $NCN.

What is the utility of $NCN?

$NCN is the single currency of the Neurochain AI ecosystem. Whether it’s businesses paying for ready to use AI dApps that seamlessly integrate into their processes, or community members sharing their GPU for computing AI and contributing their data - all the processes are paid for and rewarded by $NCN. $NCN also creates maximum incentives for developers to build new business models on Neurichain AI and develop dApps of the future.