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About NeurochainAI

NeurochainAI is the leading gateway to Web3 AI.
Our vision is to lead the market in network-based artificial intelligence implementation by providing the most accessible and user-friendly gateway to Web3 AI.

Learned from the best, brought it to Web3

Meet key team members

The team is composed of seasoned professionals in the fields of web3, software development, AI, and blockchain technology. Through their collective expertise, we're committed to democratizing AI, making its adoption quicker, more efficient, and more accessible to a broader audience.

Julius, CEO

Julius brings 15 years of experience in managing top-tier bank IT infrastructures and building startup platforms from the ground up. He skillfully handles technical teams and deployment processes, boasting profound knowledge in scalable infrastructure and blockchain technology.

Paulius, PhD, CTO
Paulius, PhD

With his recognized innovation in Big Data and AI, and a PhD in video parsing, Paulius excels in the confluence of banking analytics and machine learning. This unique expertise has propelled him to a leadership role at NeurochainAI, a platform where advanced technology continuously pushes the boundaries of what's possible.


After managing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for companies like Groupon and New York Times, Odeta has spent the last eight years building startups in diverse industries from education to 3D printing, e-commerce and fintech. She’s a Swiss knife of all things business strategy, marketing, sales, and user experience. Odeta is also a judge at WSA, TEDx organizer, and an active advocate for social innovation.

+10 AI developers, product designers
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Advisor: David; Business Dev, Binance
Business dev

4+ years in crypto and Web3 GameFi. Managing business development at the world’s top crypto exchange, Binance NFT & Binance Custody (Ceffu), for 1.5 years. Serial entrepreneur who helped businesses to grow 120k+ followers across social media. Obtained BS degree from New York University.

Advisor: Jonathan; Business Dev, Bitget
Business dev

Jonathan Zambon is a business developer with over 4 years of experience in the blockchain industry. He has worked with some of the leading players in the space, including Huobi and Bitget, and has consulted and collaborated with over 100 successful Web 3 startups. Jonathan is passionate about both AI and crypto, making him a valuable asset to any team working in these areas.

Advisor: Jordan; Business Dev, OKX
Business dev

5+ years experience in Crypto sphere. Jordan is a Lead business developer from OKX for 2 years with a  widely connected network and a Community leader simultaneously managing a 12+ man team, growing a Discord from scratch to 100k members in 6 months with a strong acumen for investments leveraging on his knowledge on scaling outreaches and relations as a well-rounded executioner.