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Product Comparison

Get Royalties from your AI Models
Community-driven Data Validation
Community-driven AI Model Testing
Chain Compatibility
ADA + bridge to ETH
Private & Public Infrastructure
One-click Deployment
Deep learning VM Images
Community-driven VM Images
ML Model-as-a-Service
AI Marketplace
AI Workflows

Create & place your AI model into NeurochainAI Marketplace. Get royalty fees from every action request it receives.

AI needs human feedback – gather & validate vast amounts of data using community interaction for best results.

Once AI model is ready give it a real test through our community. Make sure it completes task perfectly. If not receive a feedback & fine-tuning materials.

Run your AI models in Private mode if there is sensitive data to achieve highest class security.

Deploy pre-made AI models with one click. Preparation done by us, modification – by the client.

Deploy VM for custom access to be able to bootstrap your AI project and get ahead of everyone. Choose from our templates list.

Prepare VM Image for various tasks. Receive royalty for it and help other developers to save time.

Cross-platform integration > Hugging Face / Microsoft Jarvis