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NeurochainAI: March Roundup

By 2030, the market size of AI is projected to reach $1.8 trillion, exceeding the combined output of China and India. NeurochainAI is seizing 1% of this, which amounts to $18 billion. Crazy numbers, isn’t it? With these figures in mind and considering the evolving landscape, our commitment to leading the pack in this industry is stronger than ever.

That’s why our March was buzzing, especially in the tech realm (obviously) 👀 But hold tight, because there's more to the story - insightful AMAs, promising partnerships, impactful PR news, and our amazing community involvement.

Let's dive into these highlights 👇

Launched NeuroGPT-  the first ever community-driven open-source dataset to train a GPT.

How does it work:

  • Truly democratic: The community contributes questions & answers.
  • Truly unbiased: Community validation ensures Q&As' authenticity.
  • Truly inclusive: Contributors receive direct rewards.

Contribute to the truly unbiased community-powered future of AI.

Launched ShareGPU Sandbox - contributors can now connect GPUs into our DePIN network and power the AI revolution.

Why it’s important:

  • Our GPU DePIN is infinitely scalable and reliable alternative to the standard cloud compute which is not optimal for AI.
  • AI developers and companies are testing GPU DePIN for cheaper and more efficient AI inference.
  • GPU network empowers individuals to play a role in AI development while ensuring fair reimbursement for their contributions.

Contribute here.

Strategic partners:

NeurochainAI x Seascape - in this partnership, the Seascape community gains access to NeurochainAI’s AI resources, along with free credits for dApp usage. Read more.

NeurochainAI x Reality Metaverse -  Reality Metaverse will leverage NeurochainAI’s ecosystem to give extra value to games, with AI solutions powered by NeurochainAI’s dApps.


NeurochainAI x Hackless - we’re giving a grant to build an AI solution that revolutionizes user protection and operational efficiency within Hackless.

NeurochainAI x SitYEA - we’re partnering up to open up the way for SitYEA to host their AI services on NeurochainAI’s shared GPU infrastructure.

NeurochainAI x - We're teaming up to enable to utilize NeurochainAI's decentralized GPU network for hosting their AI models.

Using dApps:

NeurochainAI x BigaArcade - using our dApps, NeurochainAI will ensure that BigaArcade's games are both enjoyable, with talkative NPC characters, and free from cheating.

We've been diving deep into the hottest AI and Web3 topics, engaging with some truly awesome projects. Discover them all here:

1. AMA with x RaysX

Recap here

2. AMA with Azuki Alpha Beans

Recap here.

3. AMA with 1Minute Web3

Recap here.

4. AMA with Funkari

Recap here.

5. AMA with Alpha Royale

Recap here.

6. AMA with Seascape

Recap here.

7. AMA with Whale Alpha

Recap here.

NeurochainAI has recently attained attention in Tech Times News, showcasing our innovative approach to AI and DePINs. This recognition underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and redefining the landscape of decentralized AI.

Dive deeper into the article to discover how NeurochainAI is leading the charge towards a more advanced and inclusive future in AI development. 🚀 Read more.

Our vibrant community never slows down, constantly crafting epic memes and PFP masterpieces.

Check out a few PFP examples👇

But wait, there's more! Let's revisit the content creation contest—it was a true spectacle of creativity. We're sincerely blown away by the astounding contributions! From eye-catching stickers to captivating threads and artworks, each one holds significant value to us. Every ounce of effort and support is deeply appreciated. The winners received 3 guaranteed WL spots and 2 FCFS spots.

What's even better? Witnessing our engaged and dedicated community has inspired us to boost rewards for NeuroGPT Q&A and validation training. It's our way of saying thank you.


At NeurochainAI, we're forging ahead with unstoppable momentum. With the support of our community, we're revolutionizing the AI landscape: harnessing decentralized GPUs, leveraging crowd-sourced data, and making collective decisions. It's a formula that's sparking excitement across the board!

With fresh partnerships, exciting announcements, and quite a few developments on the horizon, the future is promising. We're thrilled to bring you faster, cheaper, all-in-one DePIN + AI solutions that are not just concepts but fully operational.

Get ready because we're gearing up to launch some major releases soon!

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