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NeurochainAI First Community Roundup

Lately, NeurochainAI has been buzzing with activity! From forming partnerships set to revolutionize Web3 AI integration to actively engaging the community in various activities and hosting AMA sessions that left our minds blown, we're leaving no stone unturned in our quest for greatness. So, let's dive right in and check out these amazing highlights that have us buzzing!

From the very beginning, we've been busy bees on the tech side. Here's a quick peek at what we've been up to recently:

  • Launched community dataset validation
  • Updated blockchain mainnet
  • Enabled Vector Database compatibility
  • Updated our message broker
  • Worked on the crawler
  • Rolled out new models
  • Developed a new training pipeline

Expansion partners:

NeurochainAI x Gamestarter - this partnership is about bringing AI bots and NPCs to life! What's more, Gamestarter is giving out free AI credits for the games listed on Gamestarter for those who want to use NeurochainAI's AI services.


NeurochainAI x Ta-Da - we’re partnering to bring Ta-Da’s voice data collection services to the developers on NeurochainAI.

NeurochainAI x - is leveling the playing field by providing GPU rental services to users without their own, seamlessly connecting them to the NeurochainAI ecosystem.

NeurochainAI x Arcade2Earn -

together, we’re expanding gaming possibilities by connecting GPUs to compute AI.

Using NeurochainAI dApps:

NeurochainAI x Dark Frontiers - we’re teaming up to crank up the AI aspect of gaming. We're talking about an AI-based interactive character in the game, and Dark Frontiers being the first ones to use the AI anti-cheating tools.

NeurochainAI x Basketballverse - Basketballverse is going to be using Neurochain AI’s dApps to take their GameFI experience up a notch.

Grant to build dApps on NeurochainAI infrastructure:

NeurochainAI x - is about to utilize NeurochainAI infrastructure for developing and hosting AI services, further expanding the capabilities of both platforms.

Our AMA sessions have been nothing short of amazing, bringing together top-notch projects and sparking deep conversations about the endless possibilities of AI and the Web3 universe.

1. AMA with the Ultiverse

It stole the spotlight on Binance Live! During this AMA both sides engaged in mind-blowing discussions about the future of AI apps leveraging blockchain technologies. Catch the recap here.

2. AMA with Ta-Da

During this AMA a whole range of topics were covered, such as the bright future of blockchain, AI apps using blockchain technology, fundraising, data for AI training, and loads of use cases. Catch the recap here.

3. AMA with OliveX Genesis

This AMA was about discussing the cool new stuff we're working on at NeurochainAI and OliveX Genesis. Catch the recap here.

4. AMA with Apel List

Ape List and NeurochainAI had a great discussion about how the future of AI is going to use blockchain technology. Catch the recap here.

5. Community AMA on NeurochainAI Discord

This session was all about digging into the details of NeurochainAI, with a focus on what's coming up on our roadmap, insights into our partnerships, and what's in store for the future. Catch the recap here.

We've been buzzing over the past couple of weeks, jumping into a bunch of awesome activities! Seeing everyone so pumped and involved has been a real blast - that's what we're all about. When our community's happy, we're happy. Here's a rundown of what we've been doing:

  • PFP Contest: We kicked off a super fun Profile Picture (PFP) contest. With five guaranteed WL spots and five FCFS spots up for grabs. Check out some killer PFP's over on our Discord channel we reckon you'll dig them!
  • Pop Quiz: We had a blast testing our community's knowledge about NeurochainAI with a pop quiz. And it was a great chance to scoop up some cool prizes, including guaranteed whitelist spots for the top scorers.

We’ve been featured across media:

  • Analytics Insights released an article about how Blockchain and AI are joining forces to shake up the cloud computing industry. Curious about where NeurochainAI fits into this exciting mix? Find out here.
  • CryptoNews wrote an article about NeurochainAI and how we specialize in AI solutions for businesses without breaking the bank. Give it a read here.
  • CoinMarketCap did an interview with NeurochainAI CEO, Julius Serenas, about how a Trailblazer Shapes The Future of AI and Blockchain Integration. Check it out here.

To Wrap It Up

At NeurochainAI, we've been crushing it lately and we ain't slowing down anytime soon. We're cooking up the future of open-source AI and we’re super excited about it. New partnerships, cool announcements, and so much more are on the horizon, so hold onto your hats, because we're about to take this to the next level!

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