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NeurochainAI April Roundup

April was on fire! Token2049 and NFT Mint had everyone buzzing! But wait, there's more! We've got juicy AMAs, epic partnerships, game-changing PR drops, and our awesome community in action. Let's dive into highlights that have us hyped up! 🚀

Launched the latest version of the worker node 0.4.0.

1. Enhanced Reliability:  Implemented robust improvements in communication protocol to ensure that our system is more reliable than ever, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth operations. 

2. Faster Response Times: Speed is key in AI, and Version 0.4.0 brings significant enhancements to our response times, making our platform quicker and more efficient. 

3. Automatic Model Checkout: With the new automatic AI model checkout feature from the repository worker gets more load so the community can earn more NCN tokens.

The other juicy development that went down in April? Well, it's like a hidden gem waiting to be unleashed. Unfortunately, we can't spill the deets just yet because we're grinding hard on the next phase of development.

Strategic partners:

NeurochainAI x EdgeVideothis partnership is about utilizing NeurochainAI’s GPU DePIN to host AI models and customer bots. Read more about the partnership.

NeurochainAI x Octavia -  Octavia will be using NeurochainAI’s GPU DePIN to host AI models and customer bots - facilitating the onboarding of the next BILLION onto the blockchain with cheaper, more efficient AI+Blockchain services.

Using dApps:

NeurochainAI x LokChronicle - this partnership is about bringing LokChronicle characters to life with our AI expertise. 

We launched our inaugural NFT Mint on AVAX. The flagship collection of 1000 free-mint NFTs sold out in seconds in the first-come-first-serve phase.

A month from launch, Tier 5 NFT is still holding a strong TOP 1 spot on OpenSea over 30 days on AVAX, with only 529 unique holders out of the initial 1000 supply. Somebody is holding onto those rewards! 🔥

The NeurochainAI team rocked Dubai at Token2049! Our COO, Odeta Iseviciute, hit up Hack Seasons rubbing shoulders with the big guns in Zero-Knowledge, Bitcoin L2, Modular Blockchains, and, of course, DePIN. Meanwhile, our CEO Julius Serenas was out there networking, connecting with investors, infrastructure partners, and KOLs who will add value to NeurochainAI in the short to mid-term! 🚀

We've been diving deep into the hottest AI and Web3 topics, engaging with some truly awesome projects. Discover them here👇

  1. NeurochainAI x

         Recap here.

  1. NeurochainAI x  Cluster Protocol’s Mega X Space with AI and DePIN industry giants like Aethir, KIP Protocol, EclipseFI, Pivot…

         Recap here.


Check us out on Cointelegraph! Dive into the underground world of cybercrime as we expose the Lazarus Group's slick phishing schemes and software exploits for those big-time heists. And that's not all—our CEO Julius Serenas spills the tea on the dangerous game of North Korean hacking operations. Read more.

NFT Evening 

After our epic NFT minting success, we snagged a spot on NFT Evening. Discover why NeurochainAI NFTs are selling like hotcakes, disappearing in mere seconds on AVAX. Check out the full article for all the deets.

As always our community has been buzzin’ in action. Some of the things we’ve been up to 👇

Season 2 Airdrop on Galxe 

Missed out on grabbing a Tier 5 NFT? Remember, our community plays a vital role in shaping the future of AI and NeurochainAI! 

Season 2 of our loyalty program has started with a bang, featuring an exclusive Airdrop just for Tier 1 NFT holders. While Tier 5 holders relish in exclusive partner perks and a special Tier 5 Airdrop, Tier 1 NFT holders will enjoy a special dedicated Airdrop.

How to mint 👇

  • Go to NeurochainAI and create your account. 
  • Click on: Mint Tier 0 NFT. 
  • Get your ncnscan wallet from here.
  • Send your ncnscan wallet link to ⁠share-ncnscan - community managers will assign roles. 
  • Claim your points in Galxe

Hourly GPU rent rewards

We hold our community in high regard, and a simple "thank you" doesn't quite express our gratitude enough. That’s why until the TGE, everyone who connects their GPUs will get paid hourly. Plus, every AI message the GPU handles means more rewards. And here's the kicker: if you're one of the first 128 to connect GPUs and process 200 AI messages, we'll double your rewards. 

Enhanced Rewards and Expanded Topics for NeuroGPT

There will never be enough sharing with the community! We've expanded the rewards on NeuroGPT. Here's what's new 👇

Increased Rewards: earn 0.1 for every approved Q&A Receive 0.08 for each validation;

Expanded Topics: Explore fresh topics like Travel, Culture, Food, Sports, Pop Culture, Pets, and Cars Benefits while training NeuroGPT.

Contribute to the development and earn NCNs credits which convert to $NCN after the TGE. Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to engage with NeuroGPT and reap the rewards!


To sum up, April was filled with exciting AMAs, strategic partnerships, and groundbreaking PR drops, all fueled by our amazing community and beyond. Our tech upgrades and strategic partnerships have propelled us forward, while our presence at Token2049 and media coverage have amplified our impact.

Stay tuned for thrilling updates and significant milestones ahead!

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