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FAQs: Getting Started with AI “Mining” on NeurochainAI

Crypto mining has come a long way since its boom in 2017-2018. With Ethereum transitioning to proof of stake, hardware usage has declined, suggesting that there is an abundance of GPUs out there in the world calling for a more sustainable approach to hardware utilization. With an explosion of AI early in 2023, many are now transitioning to using GPUs for AI computing via companies like NeurochainAI, which is opening up new possibilities for decentralized computing. 

“Mining” AI on NeurochainAI

At NeurochainAI, we're connecting community-owned GPUs to a global decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) for AI “Mining”. This helps to reduce the need for new hardware and makes AI more accessible to everyone. Instead of big platforms controlling the AI compute market, NeurochainAI taps into the community’s GPUs in exchange for fair rewards and a chance to participate in the AI revolution.

If you're new to “mining” AI and unsure how to proceed but eager to learn how to connect your GPUs to our network, no need to worry! You're in the right place. Below, we've gathered some frequently asked questions along with detailed answers to help you kick-start your AI “mining” journey with us. 👇



Q: How do I connect my GPU to the NeurochainAI network? 

A: Connecting your GPUs to the NeurochainAI network is simple. Click here and follow the instructions below 👇

Note: if you connect with email, make sure to add wallet later down the line under settings as without wallet, we won’t be able to distribute your rewards.

Note: The generated key is unique to your GPUs and will be used for attributing rewards.

If you need further assistance, feel free to join our Discord channel, where you can find answers and guidance from our community members. 

Q: What are the technical requirements for ‘‘mining’’AI on NeurochainAI? 


  • A simple computer with NVIDIA GPU’s on Linux or Windows systems.
  • Minimum requirements 8GB GPU, 50GB storage, 4 GB RAM
  • Recommended requirements 12GB GPU, 100GB Storage, 8 GB RAM
  • Old Ethereum miners compatible with Linux systems (Debian, Ubuntu) are compatible in most cases.
  • Also any gaming consoles, Raspberry Pies, and similar devices.
  • Stable internet connection.

You can find a step-by-step guide and technical documentation on our platform to help you get started. 

Q: Does NeurochainAI support Ubuntu? 

A: Yes, we do support Ubuntu. 

Q: What’s the biggest value I can receive when connecting GPUs? 

A: It depends on your GPUs. With a 24GB GPU, you can easily be making a minimum of $300/ month if you leave your GPU collecting idle time rewards + processing AI messages full time. 

You get idle time and processing rewards in NCN credits that convert 1:1 into $NCN at the base cost upon the token generation event. 

This only goes up with GPUS.

Q: Why should I mine on NeurochainAI now? 

A: It's an excellent time to jump on a train for early adopters to earn profits, thanks to various rewards and multipliers and the value of the NCN credits pre-launch.

Q: Won’t it cause any damage to my laptop or GPU? 

A: There are no reported issues with running a node. Running a node on hardware only uses GPU resources when there are AI computations that need to be performed by the network. It is lightweight and completely secure as it only taps into the hardware’s GPUs that don’t store any information so it can be run on a personal device too.

Q: I am renting a device, can I still connect my GPU?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Is it obligatory to have to mint T0 NFT to be able to contribute GPUs on the platform?

A: No, it’s not. However, we recommend doing so, as with Tier 0 you open a gateway on NeurochainAI. 

Q: How big models can be executed on 10 GB GPUs? 

A: Such GPUs are limited to hosting models up to approximately 7 billion parameters. These models are effectively utilized for AI chatbots and similar applications. For larger models, requiring, for example, 48GB of GPU memory, more advanced hardware is necessary.

Q: Which mining algorithm is NeurochainAI using?

A: The process we're employing does not align with traditional blockchain mining algorithms. Instead, our approach utilizes GPUs for AI model inference, which could be referred to as "AI mining". We leverage quantized models, specifically 4-bit quantization, to enable consumer-grade hardware, including GPUs, to efficiently execute our models.

To make it even clearer, we’ve prepared two demo videos showcasing how to connect your GPU to the NeurochainAI network 👇

Video for Linux Users;

Video for Windows Users;

Ready to dive into the world of AI ‘‘mining’’ with NeurochainAI? Join us today and start earning rewards while contributing to the future of AI! 🚀

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